Hier finden sich Gebetstage, Ereignisse, Veranstaltungen, die uns geprägt haben.

Here you'll find days of prayer or events that have had an impact on us.

Remembering the Anabaptists

Members of Austria's Round Table (regular meeting of leaders of most denominations existing in the land) started in mid-August 2023 for a ten days journey of remembrance and repentance. It followed the ways of our Anabaptist brethren and sisters from Southern Tyrol, Italy, through Austria
as far as Moravia in the 16th century; both the Roman Catholic and the Lutheran and Reformed churches were strangely unified in their attempts of persecution, even extinction, of the Anabaptists.

Follow the links below to get a taste of the journey and the history behind; with interviews!

Täufergedenken und Versöhnung im Stephansdom: 20. N0v.2021

Reopening Ancient Wells

In June 2019 MHOP joined an international prayer initiative with the goal to pray for forgotten spiritual wells in Europe: former places of great blessing, of education, evangelization, translations of Scripture... in the way Isaac reopened the wells his father Abraham had built, we reached out to God He may let the Spirit flow forth from these ancient places again.

Finally we found ourselves praying together with 110 different initiatives all over Europe and looking back we see the impact it made.

We at MHOP decided to choose specifically a monastery in Vienna which, founded by the Celtic mission, played a significant role in Christian education from the 12th century on - the Anabaptist movement in its radical way of following Jesus despite hard persecution - and Austria's responsibility for the State of Israel because of the inheritance of Theodor Herzl, whose Christian friend in Vienna helped a Jewish nation with getting birthed.


The victims of Engerau

On Holy Thursday of 1945 when People came out of church, they met a group of weak and starved Hungarian Jews driven by the Nazis from their "working place" - in building a rampart in a part of Bratislava, Slovakia, against the approaching Red Army - upstream the Danube river to a place near Hainburg in Austria, where they were to enter a ship that brought them to Mauthausen camp, a distance of 50 kms. They died of exhaustion, they starved, they broke down and were shot along the way; the streets were lined with corpses. The remaining survivors must have reached Mauthausen death camp at about Easter Sunday. Hardly anyone along the way helped.

They were Hungarian Jews from a Slovakian forced labor camp with mostly Austrian guards. So MHOP joined a group of TJCII intercessors from Austria, Slovakia and Hungary, some of Jewish background, some descendants of the perpetrators, to ask he Lord and each other for forgiveness and set our countries free from the curse of this blood, crying out for the redemptive power of His blood instead.

At the end of the day heavens were open; a group of Roma-kids had come curiously to see what we were doing. At the beginning they mocked us and imitated our prayers; then they started to dance with our flags; then they started to bless us. And in the end a girl - her name was Sophia, wisdom - pointed to the blue sky, crying "Kriz, kriz!" - two planes flying in different directions had drawn a huge white cross into the skies high above Bratislava.

Maly Trostinec

Maly Trostinec is not a well known place. Today it is a part of the Belarus capital MInsk. Yet it has a deep and dark connection to Vienna. From November 1941 to October 1942 10 trains left Vienna for Maly Trostinec; aboard were each time relatively exact 1000 people: Austrian Jews. Maly Trostinec had a ravine in the woods and there ther trains would stop The people would be shot on arrival and hastily buried.

The Austrian artist Waltraud Barton


lost her aunt in one of these deadly journeys. She works for a memorial site in M.T. She also organized a "March for the Thousand" where MHOP took part: From the school in Zirkusgasse in the 2nd district, which served as a detention camp during the Nazi era, we went 10 times in silence to the Holocaust Memorial on Judenplatz to read each time the names of the thousand men, women, children, babies who were killed that very day. 75 years ago. We we went and read on November 28 in 2016 and in 2017 on May 6, 20 and 27, on June 2 and 9, on August 13 and 31, on September 14 and October 5. It took approximately three hours each time to read only name and age of the 1000 people stuffed into only one train.

An even bigger amount of people had been transported into death as early as 1939. All in all 47 035 of whom only 1073 survived.

Wittenberg 2017

Zum Reformationsfest 2017 fand die letzte einer Serie von jährlichen Treffen statt, die sich zum Ziel gesetzt hatten, die Segnungen der Reformation hochzuhalten, aber auch die reale Zerrissenheit des Leibes der Messias anzuerkennen, dafür Buße zu tun und Versöhnung unter den Denominationen zu bewirken.

MHOP durfte bei diesem Treffen das 24/7 -Gebet von Betern aus vielen Nationen Sprachen und kirchlichen Hintergründen organisieren und war mit einem starken Lobpreisteam vertreten (danke!). Die Website gibt einen guten Überblick über den gesamten Prozess:



This website will introduce you to a process of repentance, reconciliation and Forgiveness in the Body of the Messiah, which took several years and ended with the festive days celebrating Luther's Reformation in Wittenberg in 2017.

MHOP was asked to organize 24/ alongside the meetings, which was a joy because it included people from different nations, languages and church-backgrounds; we also had a strong worship-team there (thank you Johannes and Rupert!!!)

These worship times were also the last time our dear brother Gunter Friedrich prayed with us; playing the drums and his beloved Hang, he deeply contributed to our worship. I am sure he's doing the same in heaven now! Hear him here, together with David Boyd:


The Danube Project

One sister in our MHOP heard from the Lord to pray for all the European nations.

She did it with great faithfulness - from Oct 2015 till May 2017 - often alone in her late-evening time. The Lord gave quite distinctive impressions of the needs of each nation.

I am sure it was a fruit of that prayer that in fall 2017 we were invited to represent Austria - together with Juliana Bosma - in a meeting of all the "Danube-nations".

The Danube, Donau, is quite an interesting river: It is the second longest in Europe, flows through 10 nations and has the largest amount of capital cities at its shores: Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Beograd. It has been the border of the Roman Empire against German and Celtic tribes, it served as a main transportation route for centuries and it has a famous waltz named for it :)

BUT it was also used for countless dark events; soldiers were transported along to conquer countries, Anabaptists drowned in the floods, Jews during pogroms were put on rafts without rudders - left for drowning, Nazi aircraft was transported there as well as Jewish workers shipped to the death camps, some were thrown down steep rocks into the river, the Arrowcross shot Jews along the shores in Budapest and let the river carry the corpses away... suicides en masse... an endless list.

So we assembled as 10 nations at the two spring places of the Danube river to break the power of the dark forces that had been at work for centuries. But beforehand we spent a week together, bringing all the dark happenings we were aware of before God in repentance for our own nation; then He came in and we started to repent nation toward nation, as we got aware of centuries-old sins the states/monarchies had committed against each other: dominance, occupation, presumption, aide denied in needs of all kind....it was a strong time of cleansing, repentance and forgiveness.

THEN we went to the two small wells in the Black Forest region, speaking His Kingdom and Reign over them. May the Danube become a river of life!


During the late summer of 2014 ISIS had spread over huge parts of the Niniveh plain, standing next to Mossul and other important places. A year or so before the Lord had called a man to establish a Prayer House in this region, to bring HIs Presence in. Now the town in N-Iraq where the Mesopotamia House of Prayer had started was only a few hundred meters from the properties, where ISIS had risen their black flags. The town was packed with refugees from Syria and Iraq. Everyone was in fear the jihadists might take over in only a few days.

The answer was: prayer. Prayer movements, churches, communities in the Middle East started to pray for MHOP; European and oversee HOPs joined in. So did we.

MHOP in security started to pray for MHOP in dire needs. There was a worldwide 50 hours prayer call for God's wings to shelter, for a miracle, for the Presence of the Lord to come and stay in N-Iraq. We as a small place managed to fill 25h.

MHOP in N-Iraq is still there; for "some reason" Isis did not walk up that hill. The HOP does a great work in bringing hope, faith, healing and food to the refugees and the inhabitants. And they live "The One New Man" of every nation and background.

In 2015 we were lucky to host two missionaries at MHOP Vienna for an overnight stay on their way back home: A Messianic Jew and his Christian Arab friend and translator; they shared fresh news about their teaching time at MHOP Mesopotamia!

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