Hier finden sich Gebetstage, Ereignisse, Veranstaltungen, die uns geprägt haben.

Here you'll find days of prayer or events that have had an impact on us.

The victims of Engerau

On Holy Thursday of 1945 when People came out of church, they met a group of weak and starved Hungarian Jews driven by the Nazis from their "working place" - in building a rampart in a part of Bratislava, Slovakia, against the approaching Red Army - upstream the Danube river to a place near Hainburg in Austria, where they were to enter a ship that brought them to Mauthausen camp, a distance of 50 kms. They died of exhaustion, they starved, they broke down and were shot along the way; the streets were lined with corpses. The remaining survivors must have reached Mauthausen death camp at about Easter Sunday. Hardly anyone along the way helped.

They were Hungarian Jews from a Slovakian forced labor camp with mostly Austrian guards. So MHOP joined a group of TJCII intercessors from Austria, Slovakia and Hungary, some of Jewish background, some descendants of the perpetrators, to ask he Lord and each other for forgiveness and set our countries free from the curse of this blood, crying out for the redemptive power of His blood instead.

At the end of the day heavens were open; a group of Roma-kids had come curiously to see what we were doing. At the beginning they mocked us and imitated our prayers; then they started to dance with our flags; then they started to bless us. And in the end a girl - her name was Sophia, wisdom - pointed to the blue sky, crying "Kriz, kriz!" - two planes flying in different directions had drawn a huge white cross into the skies high above Bratislava.