Hier finden sich Gebetstage, Ereignisse, Veranstaltungen, die uns geprägt haben.

Here you'll find days of prayer or events that have had an impact on us.

Reopening Ancient Wells

In June 2019 MHOP joined an international prayer initiative with the goal to pray for forgotten spiritual wells in Europe: former places of great blessing, of education, evangelization, translations of Scripture... in the way Isaac reopened the wells his father Abraham had built, we reached out to God He may let the Spirit flow forth from these ancient places again.

Finally we found ourselves praying together with 110 different initiatives all over Europe and looking back we see the impact it made.

We at MHOP decided to choose specifically a monastery in Vienna which, founded by the Celtic mission, played a significant role in Christian education from the 12th century on - the Anabaptist movement in its radical way of following Jesus despite hard persecution - and Austria's responsibility for the State of Israel because of the inheritance of Theodor Herzl, whose Christian friend in Vienna helped a Jewish nation with getting birthed.