Due to a prayer conference no Prayer-times at MHOP

Wednesday  Mai 17 :  6-8 pm

Friday Mai 19 : 1-3 pm

FRIEND'S INITIATIVES - Prayer for the main cities

Our "Prayerhouse-neighbors" , FCJG Vienna, feel called to pray for all the 9 Austrian federal capitals

so you can:

  • join them
  • pray for it
More about the vision they share at:
Tel.: +43 680 125 61 61

Some dates are fixed:

Graz  : Thursday May 25  11:30 - 2:30 Uhr, Schlossberg Plateau (mount of the castle)

InnsbruckSunday August 13

EisenstadtWednesday September 20


Please pay attention to the fact, that at these dates evening-prayer most likely will be cancelled!

  • Friday June 9 - NOW - only considered in case June 10 will not work!

  • Tuesday June 13 - 6pm   TJCII - General Assembly

  • Wednesday June 14 - 7pm : Christians for Israel Austr. - General Assembly

  • Thursday June 22 - 6pm :   TJCII - Intercessors with David und Raquel Pyles

  • Dienstag 27.6.  -  18.30 : MHOP - General Assembly


On May 12 Friday prayer-times from 1-3 pm
will be held at another place!


Due to family reasons we have to cancel

this evening, Wednesday, 6 pm (Psalms)
and tomorrow morning, Thursday, 9 am


We are happy to announce a prayer-time of Iranian Christians in Farsi starting last week of April or May on Tuesday evenings;
Psalm prayer will change from Tuesdays to Wednesday evenings (between the Israel-blocks)!

Fridays we are going to start a time of prayer for Muslim people from 1- 2 pm,
followed by either GPC (first Fridays) or other prayer for Israel and our nations' relationship to her from 2 -3 pm!
Both will start May.


During school-holidays MHOP will be closed for public, except for invitations.
We will be glad to welcome you back on Wednesday April 19.
Please, do then pay attention to our new schedule!

FLUE - cancellings of prayer

Due to sickness this week (Apr.4 to 7) a lot has to be cancelled:

Tuesday p.m. ONLY prayer for EU takes place
Wednesday Is.62  (6pm) is cancelled
Friday GPC (noon) is cancelled

AND also Thursday evening (young people)


Cancelled this Tuesday and will soon return at another day of the week!


Global Prayer Call will, due to sickness, be hold at home, not at MHOP this month
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