Positive Things to do in Prayer

  • Listen and ask for God’s direction and the burden of His heart.

  • Speak directly to God – be more conscious that He is watching and listening than that others are watching and listening. This draws the hearts of those assembled to the Lord rather than to you.

  • Read specific Scriptures referring to the intervention of God in the affairs of men and nations and translate them into urgent, passionate and heartfelt requests.

  • Lift specific promises of Scripture up to God and ask for their fulfillment in our present-day context.

  • Pray the apostolic prayers of the New Testament and apply them to our geographic region and our generation.

  • Pray for specific aspects and arenas of ministry familiar to most people to be blessed with God’s presence and power – ask for an immediate increase of the Spirit’s gifts, fruit and wisdom.

  • Ask for a revival spirit to come upon our fellowship, our city, our nation and other nations.

  • As a general rule, concentrate on our immediate geographic area and fellowship, for we are providentially called to be “watchmen on the walls” of the place in which God has chosen for us to reside.

  • Limit prayers to 3-5 minutes or less unless there is an extra-special anointing on your prayers.

Things to avoid that scatter the focus in corporate intercessory prayer:

  • Für etwas beten, das zu viele Details, persönliche Anliegen, Lehrinhalte oder sonstige Sachen enthält, die nicht die gemeinsamen Anliegen der Gruppe darstellen.

  • Praying for things that involve too many details, personal concerns, teaching content, and issues that are not shared burdens of the group.

  • Informing God of the details of specific situations and circumstances.

  • Informing other people, concerning details of things that need to be changed, doctrinal insights, prescriptions of what you believe are needed.

  • Devotional prayers that focus on your personal spiritual needs and longs.

  • Requests for people and situations that others are not aware of; and therefore may find difficult to agree with in prayer.

  • Praying in such a manner that gives the feeling that you are teaching and/or exhorting others.

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